Let’s Try Kingt! UV Flatbed Printer On Toy Products
2019-09-26 Company News
With the increasing consumption of toys recent years, Kingt finds that UV printing is an extremely effective solution for printing in the toy industry. UV printing provides high quality and safe solution for printing on model trains, plastic cars, game pieces, doll eyes, puzzles and countless other toys (and toy parts) of different materials.


KGT-LE-2513G6 UV flatbed printer can help increase the production capacity as well as control printing quality.

Let’s check how we print doll face by KGT-LE-2513G6.
It adopts Ricoh Gen6 printhead,the printing speed is about 30% faster than Ricoh Gen5, higher printing resolution. And the most important is the inks. UV is inks is environmentally friendsly and safer compared to other inks.
Kingt can provide the most professional printing solutions for your business.
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